Wet strength paper



In 1997 the mill started production of wet strength  packaging  paper with basis weight from 30 to 100gsm. For this grade of paper production only 100% virgin bleached pulp is used. It is high quality paper for packaging of bulk products, yeast, food products with high content of moisture and low content of fat. The paper has high brightness, about 85%, wet strength up to 20%. High brightness allows applying multi-color printing and contributes to attractive appearance.

In the process of manufacturing specific values are controlled that raise reliability of bags in case of accidental fall, stabbing, wetting. Starting to use it for flour and yeast, today customers pack with this paper sugar, cereals, hygroscopic food and industrial materials, cement, dry construction mixes, ready medical items,  as well as for laminating, backing, metallization.






 Special features

Yeast plants

Yeast packing on automatic lines. Flexographic printing.

Paper grade «VP» 50, 60, 70gsm

Good product safety

Combiner materials producers

As a basis for lamination, microcorrugation, lamination with foil

Paper grade «VPM» 30,35, 40,45, 50, 60, 70gsm  

High seal strength.


Dry food products packaging (tea, coffee, fruit, etc.); groceries packaging (flour, cereals, sugar, bakery products, etc.); shoes, clothing and tobacco packaging

Paper grade «VP», «VPM» 30 – 70gsm

High barrier properties.

Paper bags and sacks production

Production of printed bags for food and non-food products packaging. Flexographic printing.

Paper grade «VPM» 30-100gsm

Hugh mechanical and barrier properties.

Paper straws producers

For automatic winding of paper straws.

Paper grade «VPM» 60,110,120gsm

Does not soak in juices, milk, drinks; good gluing; fold corrugation.

Paper cups producers

For the production of the top layer of paper cups for hot drinks. Good for flexographic printing and relief stamping.

Paper grade «VPM» 120gsm

Good elongation

Confectionery industry, cafes, restaurants

Production of damper multilayer gaskets for the confectionery industry; decorative and lace napkins.

Paper grade «BKU», «BKU P» массой 30-50gsm

High mechanical properties. The following colors are developed: orange, red, blue, yellow, green apple.


 Dimensions, mm

Core diameter, mm

In rolls

From 280mm, further by agreement


In reels

From 50mm to 270mm 


In sheets

From 150 до 1000mm