Parchment is produced from pure pulp base-paper. After parchmentization the paper obtains specific properties – greaseproofness and wet strength.

Parchment is microbiologically clean packaging material, it is not damaged in water even during boiling and it does not loose mechanical strength if it is moistened. It does not cause changes in organoleptic properties of food products, does not create foreign odor and savor and complies with any hygienic demand that compares it favorably with foil and polymeric synthetic materials. Any image can be printed on parchment perfectly. Parchment can be laminated with aluminium foil.






Special features


Confectionary factories

Packaging on automatic confectionery lines.

Interlaying between confectioneries.

Vegetable parchment, transparent, basis weight 40gsm, 50gsm, 64gsm 


Parchment prevents penetration of fat and moisture.




Crimped cups production

Confectionery, baking packaging.


Parchment for crimped cups production, transparent, basis weight 40-60gsm

Slip easy  effect makes separation of crimped cups at feeding easy;


Paper straw production

Paper straw top layer


Vegetable parchment transparent 60gsm 
Vegetable parchment printed 

There is no migration of harmful substances into juices, milk, drinks, stable printing


Dairy plants, oil and fat plants

Packaging of products containing a large percentage of fat and moisture on automatic lines. Great flexo printing options.


Lining of corrugated packaging.

Vegetable parchment, opaque, basis weight 45, 50, 60, 64gsm

Vegetable parchment, transparent, basis weight 64gsm (in sheets)

Parchment prevents penetration of fat and moisture, has no smell and taste.


Medical industry

For the manufacture of packaging for dressings and medical products.

Vegetable parchment, transparent, basis weight 56gsm 

Possibility of thermal and radiation sterilization.


Cafes, restaurants, fast food restaurants, shops

Food packaging. Corrugated boxes laying. 

Vegetable parchment, transparent, basis weight 64, 56, 50, 40gsm

 High barrier properties, environmental friendliness.


Cafes, restaurants, bakeries.

Bakery products baking; separation of frozen products. 

Vegetable parchment with antiadhesive (silicone) coating, grade PA-2, basis weight 41-65gsm

Double side silicone coating, delivery in rolls and sheets;
Standard dimensions of the sheets: 300x300; 300x400; 400x600; 500x700mm;
Maximum width of the rolls 760mm.


Furniture industry

Manufacture of edging material for cabinet furniture, production of laminated plastics. 

Vegetable parchment, transparent, basis weight 50-100gsm.
Vegetable parchment, colored, “NUT”, basis weight 70, 100gsm.

High bond strength

Textile core production

Textile core production.

Vegetable parchment, transparent, basis weight 40, 44, 50, 55, 57gsm 
Vegetable parchment, colored, basis weight 58, 70gsm.

Colors: yellow, orange, brown, green, light-green, pale green, green apple, dark blue, light blue, sky blue, violet,  red wine, pink, red, dark red, grey, black white.

No colors migration, wide range of colors, possibility of applying flexo printing.




Dimensions, mm

Core diameter, mm

In rolls

270 - 2160


In reels 



In sheets

150 - 1000