Combined Materials




Special features

Network Supermarket

Food industry

Production of bags, sticks, sachets

Packing of spices, seeds, ice cream

PE coated paper, grade BL

Polyethylene coating basis weight 9-20gsm

Maximum cut width 2130mm

Material basis weight 39 - 120gsm

Food industry
Medical industry

Bags production of baking, grilled chicken, fish

Packaging of margarine, butter, cheese products

Flexo printing

Packing of medical products (powders)

3 ply laminated foil, grade MK

Maximum cut width 1230mm

With and without primer

Matte, glossy

Basis weight 76; 81gsm

Cafes, restaurants, bakeries

Baking bread, bakery products

Frozen food separation

Parchment with antiadhesive (silicon) coating, grade PA-2

Double side silicon coating, delivery in reels, sheets.

Standard sheets size:  300x300; 300x400; 400x600; 500x700;700x800
Maximum cut width of the rolls 760mm
Basis weight 41- 65gsm