Colored Wet Strength paper

okrashena_smallSince 2009, the factory has been producing colored wet strength packaging paper, grade VPM KO.
Paper is produced according to TU 5435-004-00278971-2007, the following colors were developed for it: beige, dark beige, brown, orange. Basis weight is 35; 40gsm. Paper is sold in rolls, bobbins, sheets.

Since 2016, according to STO 00278971-004-2016, the factory produces paper for the manufacture of confectionery packaging, grade BKU, the following colors are developed for it: orange, red, blue, yellow, green apple. Basis weight 30; 35; 40; 45; 50gsm. Paper is sold in rolls, bobbins, sheets.





 Special features


Food industry

Production of packaging bags for retail chains

Production of bags for bakery products packaging


Bags production. Production of damper multilayer gaskets in the confectionery industry;
Manufacture of decorative and lace napkins;



Good mechanical strength;

Excellent passability on packaging machines and bagging;

Ability to print;

Effective protection of bakery products;

Well cut;


Dimentions, mm

Core diameter, mm

In rolls

270- 2590


In reels 

от 50-270


In sheets

150 -1000mm