Production system

      1. Implementation of the principles and tools of  Toyota Production System

     For to establish a stable relationship with customers, to gain  competitive advantages in the market and  to obtain stable development of the TBF paper mill,   the company launched since April 2014 a project for implementation and development of the production system. It is based on the  production and management system of the company Toyota - a recognized world leader in the sphere of   organization and development of efficient production. The mill began  training of the personnel with TPS methods and such basic tools as : standardized work,  5S system, Kaizen. Within the frames of  the production system introduction  program it is planned to train  every employee  of the mill.


     2. Department of Production Development

     For to activate  implementation and development of the production system in the company there is  established a department of production development.


     3. Cost Reduction Program

   The company  has developed an action plan which lets  reduce costs and stabilize the quality characteristics of the finished product. The program is scheduled for  years 2014-2015.


     4. The program of new products manufacturing

     Within the frames of  programs for development of the company it is  planned to organize production of new value-added products - reels of parchment for baking and packaging, as well as a variety of paper bags.


      5. 5S in the shop of flexible packaging

      The purpose of the third practical training for the staff of TBF was the introduction of  5S system  in the area of flexible packaging shop. Kaizen team members during the week worked for to reduce  stocks and work-in-progress in the shop;  did visualization of equipment and processes.