Siliconized paper grades


OJSC  "Troitskaya paper mill",  the leading manufacturer of high quality packaging paper grades,  offers a new sort of its product  - Siliconized parchment, manufactured on basis of ecologically pure heat-resistant vegetable parchment. In baking process ideally replaces vegetable oil and other fats as  separation layer, that allows easy release of baked products from a  baking tray. This grade of parchment can be used:

- in bakeries and confectionary factories for manufacturing of finished dishes and semi-products;

- in freezing of meat, minced meat and fish;

- in medical industry, in sanitary and hygienic products manufacturing, in manufacturing of envelopes for to protect  sticky areas. In industrial manufacturing  as separating material for  noise absorbing and insulating materials, laminated plastics.  

Market  Application  Grade   Features 


Confectionary shops








Finished dishes and semi-product manufacturing companies


Freezing of minced meat, meat and fish


Baking  of confectionary  and bread

Heat-resistance  – reusable  at temperature not higher than  220°С.

Separating layer  in semi-products manufacturing, in freezing process


Parchment with anti-adhesive coating. Ecologically pure product. 


Parchment resist multiple high temperature up to  220°С


Sanitary and hygienic goods


Medical industry


Envelopes manufacturing


Production which demands protection of sticky surfaces  


Self-adhesive materials manufacturing 


 Protection of sticky surfaces  : envelopes, sanitary items, medical goods, labels.  

Separating material for laminates and insulating materials ( bitumen mastics, sealants) .


Parchment with anti-adhesive coating.



Поставка продукции  Формат, мм Диаметр гильзы. мм
In reels on your demand 70,76,150
In rolls with printed image on your demand 
In rolls w/o printed image on your demand 70,76,150
In sheets on your demand