Paper for sterilization and packaging of medical tools, GS grade


In 2011 the mill  developed  a new kind of  product – paper for sterilization and packaging of medical tools, GS grade. 
It is manufactured under  standard TU OP 5434-193-00281022-2011
Paper has high air permeability  for  gas,  EO and radiation  sterilization. Air permeability, mcm/Pa, not  less than 0,2.

Paper is manufactured with grammage
60 gsm, in reels, in rolls, with printed image.


Market Application Grade Features 
Medical industry

Packaging of medical tools, like  syringes, needles,

catheters, tubes, medical kits and tools.


Manufacturing of medical bags.


Grade GS for gas and radiation  sterilization 

-Efficient anti-bacteria protection;

-Good cutting properties;

-Good adhesion with films;

-Easy separation of film from paper;

-Good mechanical strength;

-Perfect compliance with packaging machines;

-Ideal for sharp medical tools;

Delivery of the product: in reels, in rolls , with printed image

Width of reels and rolls:  on demand of the customer

Core diameter : 70, 76, 150 mm