Grease-proof paper


In  2008 our mill launched manufacturing of grease-proof paper with grammage  40,45,50 gsm 

The paper has high barrier properties, and it has №KIT 6-12.

In 2013 г there was started manufacturing of new kind of packaging  - bleached grease-proof paper. It is manufactured under the standard СТО 00278971-0022012 with grammage  40,45,52 gsm . 
Grease-proofness in the process of manufacturing is reached without  application of chemical materials. The paper is designated for packaging of products with little content of fat.

Market  Application  Grade  Features 



Confectionary factories




Food industry



Automatic prepackaging, packaging. Lining of tare. 




Manufacturing of packaging for fast-food

Manufacturing of damper insertions

Lining for corrugated packaging. 

Grade «VZh»


For automatic packaging of butter, margarine, fats,  food concentrates, fodder,   other products with high content of fat and moisture content larger than 15%,  tea, frozen products, medical products.  As base material for  backing with aluminum foil, metallization, lamination. Manufacturing of confectionary bands and napkins.






Grade «Zh»

For automatic packaging of mostly baked confectionary and food concentrates with low content of fat, as well as base paper for  backing with aluminum foil


Grade grease-proof paper "Troitskiy” 

In retail outlets  for packaging various food products with low content of fat. For lining in large size tare  for food products.  




Ecologically safe material, absence of foreign odors,  high opacity, brightness.


Possibility to apply color printing.


Universal paper.


High barrier properties. 




Does not have odor.

Contains 100% of soft- and hard-wood pulp 

Good mechanical properties.

Possibility to apply   printing

Good ability for cutting in sheets and reels.


Поставка продукции Формат, мм Диаметр гильзы. мм
In reels on your demand 70,76,150
In rolls with printed image on your demand  76
In rolls w/o printed image on your demand  70,76,150
In sheets on your demand