Color Wet Strength paper

okrashena_small   In 2009 the mill designed a new sort of product -  color Wet Strength paper
It is manufactured under the standard TU 5435-004 00278971-2007
The paper  is manufactured  with beige and cinnamon color. In the process of designing there are  colors: green, orange, brown.
The paper  is manufactured with grammage 40 gsm, in reels.


Market  Application  Grade  Features 
Food products industry 

Manufacturing of bags for  bread packaging.

Manufacturing of bags for retail chains

Grade VP-М КО 
Efficient protection of bread and baked goods; 
Good ability for cutting ;

Good mechanical strength;

Good compliance with packaging automatic facilities;

Ability for application of printing;


Поставка продукции Формат, мм Диаметр гильзы. мм
In reels on your demand 70,76,150
In rolls w/o printed image on your demand  70,76,150